Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Baaaaa-aaaa-ck!!!

Back from Toronto, Canada, that is. The weather left a little bit to be desired---it was "warm" by Canadian standards, I suppose---but not as lovely as the days were when I came back to New York.

Lots of pictures to share with you, which I hope to get up within the next day or so. Caught a bit of a cold yesterday (I think due to the sudden climate change), but all is well on this front.

Next week I'll be busy putting with final preparations for my huge show coming up in Astoria Queens on May 3rd, and expecting lots and lots of goodies in the mail...screw tins for my solid perfumes, lip balm tubes, new fragrances (Cantaloupe...MMMMM), and some great mini notecards I bought on Etsy.

Will post the photos in the next couple of days---promise!

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