Thursday, May 7, 2009

Astoria Spring Fling 2009!

It was with GREAT pleasure that Soap That Makes Scents took part in the Astoria Spring Fling 2009 Craft Event. About 40 designers were there (many of whom were Etsy sellers), hawking everything from handmade bags, to vintage jewelry, to children's clothing, wire sculptures, and Greek pastries.

I took several photos, so I'm going to split this into two blog posts. Here are a few photos below of how my table was set up:

Every seller was allotted an 8ft table and up to four chairs (which the event planners so graciously provided). Table sharing was allowed as well for those who wanted.

At this angle, you can see Blood Orange, Sparkling Green Apple, Oh Honey Honey and Sandalwood Rose (on the risers) and a few other goodies!
The place was spacious, with a lot of room for traffic. Table placement was assigned to give everyone the best advantage (and planned carefully so no one was near any direct competition!)

I got this great plexi-glass display case in a trade with another Etsian a couple of months before my show---this was the first time using it and it worked beautifully to showcase my Body Souffle Soaps and Solid Perfumes.

Another first for Soap That Makes Scents...carrying our lipbalms at shows. Normally, we sell them only online but this time wanted to see how well they'd do in person, so I found some great fold-up display cases, printed out a label of each flavor (there were 24 flavors in total), and arranged them at the far end of our table. They were a hit, incidently with the MEN! I asked one fellow what sort of flavors he loved the most--he'd purchased 6 of them but remarked he'd buy all if he had the means--and his blunt answer was "whatever the girls like"...LOL
Now there's an opportunist for you!

I was able to catch a quick snapshot of the mandolin player who volunteered to strum a few tunes at the event. I'd never heard the sweet songs of a mandolin before---very, very soothing.
I have loads of other photos--and I'll be putting them up in a few days to show you other tables, buyers perusing, etc. so stay tuned!
(ps---can you tell I had a blast at this?!)

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